No More Grapes provides consultancy and web development services, specialising in open geo data. This website also forms the home of Gregory Marler and his creations. Use the links above to browse a sample of work.

A fan and long-time contributor of OpenStreetMap, Gregory has spoken at a variety of events and to the press on geospatial technology and how it can be utilised by companies and individuals. The creative edge of his programming can see him programming hard on weekends and at ‘hack’ events. Most often projects relate to location in some way, and so updates are more frequent at the Living With Dragons blog.

Council open data activity

A report comissioned that looked at a selection of local authorities across the UK.

From advice to training and data curation, discover how No More Grapes can help.
The ODI Summit

Listen to Gregory speaking on recognising the power and value of OpenStreetMap